Services We Offer

Ryker Douglas maintains a network of consultants and has extensive experience in the acquisition, development, and operation of health care facilities, substance use disorder treatment centers, and real estate – both underperforming and vacant assets. Through our services, we can help identify strategies that align with your investment goals. Our portfolio is diverse, our reach is expansive, and our innovative, entrepreneurial spirit makes us your ideal partner.

Healthcare Strategy and Scaling

Healthcare is an evolving market that requires relevant, robust knowledge of market trends, analysis, and planning. Ryker Douglas can assist in refining your overall strategy to maximize impact while developing a sustainable model.

Property Development and Acquisition

Ryker Douglas brings years of property development and acquisition experience to the table. We can assist in identifying undermanaged assets in areas of population growth. Ryker Douglas maintains profound expertise in public and private partnerships for developing real estate as a short-term or long-term strategy.

Capital Investment

Ryker Douglas invests in new and established businesses spanning different market sectors, including real estate, healthcare and the entertainment industry. Our investment strategy is constantly evolving to meet the needs of clients, partners, and our communities.

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